Monday, July 6, 2015


Teachers may face legal action if they do not know some simple facts about using clipart they find online.  This one little fact could save you time, money and headaches...

FREE CLIPART you find online may not be FREE at all.  Many website actually generate content by stealing from the real person who created the material.  The website that is giving away FREE images may have no authority to give it to you.  Many websites actually generate school clipart by using BOTS.  They are called scrapers and they may be stealing content and then trying to pass it off to you as FREE.  Only the copyright owner can do that, but there is an easy way for teachers to know that the artwork they find is legal to use.

The easiest way to know that the clipart a teacher is using for school is okay to use is to have written permission from the creator.  This protects the person using the material from legal action.